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T H E U NI V E R S A L S O L D I E R .

The last development of the world reminds me of a song from my youth, that became sediated in my soul! Now I tried to find it again - and it said: "A song by Donovan"! What? ...... I thought is was BUFFY SANTE-MARIE who composed and sang this song? But she was an "INDIAN"! WHAT? She had immigrated to USA from India? WHAT? USA as a "A Nation of immigrants" - as John F. Kennedy wrote! BUFFY SANTE-MARIE should be an intruding foreigner? WHAT? .... BUFFY SANTE-MARIE's people had been all the time in the land that my forefathers "The Vikings" called "VINELAND"!

She was from the basic THE NATIVE PEOPLE! Brought up in Canada! .... So when some Republicans want to throw all immigrating people out of USA!

THEN Her NATIVE people can help the confused incomers, who thought they had come to INDIA (with Indians!) - from Europe and elsewhere to get out!

A lot of German Naziminded people - not only came to USA - but even got leading jobs - like Wernher von Braun and the like! (Listen to Tom Lehrers bright ironic song about *Wernher von Braun"!) ...... NOW BUFFY SANTE-MARIE'S song is actual in a time where we obvious shall use more and more money on weapons! And not for saving nature and basic growing up of the youth! More ressources shall be invested in


The future destructive production - destroying nature and HUMANS CIVILISATION! TERRIBLE!

First and foremost weapons to be used in Army! But also to defend yourself against your dangerous neighbor! ....... In the beginning of the 1960ties I was so afraid of being forced into war! It was the time of the socalled "Cuban-crises" - and then came the Vietnam War! The government send out a paper to everyone in Denmark - "IF THE WAR COMES?" - I read "if" as "when" - but my folks were poor and powerless - they couldn't do anything about it... So Paradoxical the only job I could get was inside that Army - that I feared so much! BUT I listened to BUFFY SANTE-MARIE in cheap transistorradio! A SPIRITUAL LIFTING! MAKING SENSE!

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